Window and door refurbishing

With professional skill and using the efficient IKKUNAFIX-method in the areas of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and all of Uusimaa

The high-class service by IkkunaFix is based on strong professional skill and excellent working methods. We carry out refurbishment of windows and doors with 15 years of experience, especially for valuable properties and housing companies in the capital area. Our operating areas include Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kirkkonummi, Lohja and the rest of Uusimaa. Read more in the following part or ask for a quote straight away for window and door refurbishing work!

IKKUNAFIX is the perfect method for window refurbishing

We repair and paint the section of the windows that is the housing company’s responsibility using the IkkunaFix method. The refurbishing work consists of the following stages:

  • External frames are dismantled and the necessary fittings are marked and numbered
  • All paint is removed from the outer surface, as well as the loose paint from the inner surface
  • The frames are sanded and the mountings are cleaned
  • Old glazing putty/strips are removed and the panes of glass are attached with glue
  • New putty is fitted and painting carried out
  • The window openings are protected with weather protection. This enables working in the winter as well, using heat insulation and heaters
  • The external part of the outer frame is refurbished, just as with the inner frame, while the frame is at the workshop
  • The windows are insulated and interior painting work is performed to the extent agreed on

We also carry out heavy refurbishment, which includes, in addition to the previous procedures:

  • All frames and surfaces are gone over
  • Surface treatments according to the object, e.g. linseed oil for oak windows

As an additional service, we provide:

  • Renovation of interior window jambs and window sills
  • Special glazing (insulation, anti-burglary protection, sun shield glass etc.)
  • Sealing the windows with a silicone O-P seal
  • Installation of replacement air vents

Door refurbishing

Door refurbishing is performed carefully, stage by stage. As with windows, door refurbishment and painting takes place at our workshop in Veikkola. The evenly warm premises at the workshop ensure that the wooden material for the frames and door panels dries out before the surface treatment. This ensures the best results.

Request a quote or ask for more information about door or window refurbishing! We serve you in the wider Helsinki area and in all of Uusimaa.

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